Rainy Monday: The Mind of Miss Page

29 Apr


After an awesome weekend, cheering my sister on in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, today is a rainy Monday.  Here are some things on the mind of Miss Page:



I am in the victory lap for my semester, and there is so much work to do.  I was supposed to be taking a break for the summer, but I decided to take a full load because I am ready for this to be over.



I posted an article on my facebook page yesterday about Keenan Ivory Waynans dating Brittany Daniel (she played Kelly on “The Game”) for the last six years in a relationship none of the public knew about.  A friend posed a question about the difference between a “secret relationship” and a “private relationship.”  As someone who is dating a person who prefers to keep his relationship private, I struggle with this….hard.  I am of the same mindset of my friend, being a “secret” for six years in a bit much.  To me, that implies you are not proud to be dating this person.  But on the other hand, having a level of privacy in my relationship has had it’s perks.  Though I talk about J here, no one really knows exactly who J is, with the exception of my friends and family and there isn’t any social media documenting either.  It has been frustrating to me because in the past not having an open relationship (read: letting the world know all my business regarding my relationship) has meant that I wasn’t the only girl.  I know that I know this is not the case, it’s just a 12 year habit that has been hard to break.  When I was married, I documented EVERY detail of my marriage, and when it fell apart, that was also on display.  If it wasn’t on social media, the both of us were texting THE WORLD about our issues.  Ultimately, neither of us could make a decision regarding our marriage without a vote from the peanut gallery.  I don’t want to go down that road again, so I am trying to find a happy medium.



Apparently I have been increasing my mileage the WRONG way.  The current plan was just add a mile per run each week.  No.  It should just increase by ten percent which means, a half mile increase for this week.  So far, I am up to 9.33 miles a week and this week I will increase to 10.26 miles for the week.  I am still afraid of the “long run.”  I am really not sure how to incorporate it into my schedule and how many miles it should be.  Feel free to weigh in!



No, I am not having a baby nor am I thinking of hopping on the gestation wagon, but everyone is pregnant!  No really, and it is a beautiful thing.  One of my friends whom I met via the blogging world, announced her pregnancy last week and I remember looking at the announcment on Instagram and breaking into the happiest tears I have shed in a long time.  I have watched this young ladies journey from being a single mother, finding love, losing her mother, getting engaged, and now a baby.  Her life has been a testimony to me that things do get better and the “happily ever after” does exist.

I will do a re-cap of my experience at the Nike Women’s Half later on today.  Time to get some work done on the rainy Monday morning!


3 Responses to “Rainy Monday: The Mind of Miss Page”

  1. Molto Vivace April 29, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

    I’ve had great success using training programs online (Hal Higdon has a ton of them online: http://halhigdon.com/training) because they’ve helped me build up my long run mileage to eventually reach goal. Usually I’ll increase it every week and then every 4 (?) weeks there’s a drop back to recover a bit. Thanks for linking my blog – I have a race recap I’m working on for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, and I took tons of photos along the course that I have uploaded. Should be up tonight!

    • jenglenn80 April 29, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

      I can’t wait to read it and thank you so much for the training program info, I will check on it tonight! I am running my first half in September (The Diva’s) and I want to be really prepared!

      • Molto Vivace April 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

        A friend of mine just did a Diva race (in NC?) yesterday and her pics looked like so much fun!!

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