It’s All About Pace

28 May

This weekend was absolutely amazing!  For the past few weeks I have been busy with wrapping up my Spring semester so I haven’t had a lot of time to clean up or run.  The access to a three day weekend gave me ample opportunity to get caught up on both.  On Friday night, once I got my kids off to bed, I began to de-clutter my living room.  My kids camp out in there and it was starting to show.  All of my carefully placed magazines were scattered about and there were stains where my son dripped Justice League Popsicle shards on my floor.  I finally got a chance to use that whole baking soda and Dawn combo for stain removal.  It faded the marks but it didn’t completely disappear.  I am just happy that it looks better than it did before.  My next task was to cover the massive amount of laundry that pile up.  I don’t know how that happened, because I am usually good about keeping my laundry up.  When I opened my laundry room door, to my dismay, I had a pile that came to the door of the dryer.  This was not good.  I threw a load in and hauled all the clothes in my room and began to fold while listening to Foreign Exchange.  I didn’t stay up too late finishing, because I had to get up at 5am for the BAM FI 5k race.

When we arrived at the race on Saturday morning, the first thing I realized that that even though it was late May, it was FREEZING!  I dressed myself in the children in layers and I even brought a light fleece blanket to cover my son up in his stroller.  My daughter, son, and I fought through the wind and made our way to the registration booth.  Miss Beasley decided to run with me, so I paid the fifteen dollars and pinned her shiny race number on her.  When I decided to let my daughter accompany me, I knew I would not be running my standard 9:50 per mile.  She doesn’t run a lot so I would have to go a little slower, which meant I would be forced to slow my pace.  I have a terrible problem with this, so this 5k would be a change for me.  When the horn went off, I immediately felt my self push for my usual start, but as I looked back I learned my daughter was not able to keep up.  I slowed up and watched a wave of runners pass us.   Anyone who knows me, knows that I can lack patience, so I found myself frustrated that my daughter was not keeping up.  At the half mile mark, she began to cry about how she could not keep up with me.  I looked over an noticed that her form was all over the place.  She was running with her hands in her pockets, shuffling her feet, and her breathing was stifled.  I turned to her and told her to move her arms.  I explained that moving her arms would give her momentum.  Once she got a good rhythm going with her arms, I told her to pick up her feet, you could tell the running began to get easier at that point.  Then came the most important part, breathing.  I instructed her to breath in and out.  If she couldn’t remember to do that, just talk to me, that way she would remember to breathe.  We ran intervals, stopping at the curves and running the straights.  The best part of the run was running half of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  She was so proud that she was able to run a bridge that we cross every Sunday going to church. When we approached the finish line, she broke away from me and sped through the line.  The look on her face was priceless, my baby was on her second 5k.  When we got home I hung our race numbers and she asked me eagerly when I was running again.  It was out on that course with my daughter that I re-gained my running mojo.  That night I had a chance to think about what was important to me about running.  The reason I originally started running was a way to relieve daily stress in a positive and healthy way.  I signed up for my first 5K to prove to myself that I could complete any one distance for a certain length of time.  The latter required me to train and then the running became less of a therapy, it became another box to check off at the end of the day, like housework.  I don’t want to feel this way about running, so I am throwing away all of my training plans, and I am just running.  I am still going to enter races, but I am not going to do all this regimented stuff that sucks the fun out of running for me.


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