Saturday: Daytripping Downtown

2 Jul
The National Archives

The National Archives

This past Saturday, my son and I got up early for a day of museum hopping in Downtown DC.  Since I ALWAYS go to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, I decided to check out some of the other museums that the Smithsonian had to offer.  That is when I noticed an ad for an exhibit being held at the National Archives called Documerica.  Documeria is a photography exhibit that features photography taken around America in the 1970’s.  The pictures were simply amazing as they caught slices of life grouped by a vast variety of cities and small towns.  My son however, did not seem very enthused by the exhibit.  He entertained himself by talking to the security guards and asking more questions than a lawyer during cross examination.  My only advice for going to the Archives is to save a wait in line by going to the website and getting the tickets (which are free).



View from the Archives Metro exit

View from the Archives Metro exit

The line outside.  It moved pretty fast!

The line outside. It moved pretty fast!

"What is past is prologue"

“What is past is prologue”

Our next stop on our little journey was to the Native American Museum.  I have been trying to go to this museum for a solid year, but I didn’t realize the museums stretched the length of the National Mall.  When we got to the museum, we were immediately greeted by a huge tipi.  Yes, I spelled that right.  One of the first things I learned at the museum is that I have been misspelling “tee-pee” wrong my entire life.

INDIAN4There were some really interesting exhibits, and they had these really nice sitting areas on the at the end of each wing.

View from the third floor

View from the third floor


Very interesting sculpture....You have not felt embarassment until your 3 year old shouts: "Look Mommy, Ninnies!!!"

Very interesting sculpture….You have not felt embarrassment until your 3 year old shouts: “Look Mommy, Ninnies!!!”

Outside of the Museum

Outside of the Museum

On my search for the National Art Museum, I came across the US Botanical Gardens.  This was going to be a real treat since I miss going to the botanical gardens in Norfolk.  The entrance was absolutely an oasis after pushing a 40 pound toddler in a stroller (don’t stand in judgement) in the 90 degree plus weather.  The Boy and I sat down on a cushioned sofa covered by the shade of a huge umbrella .  We sipped our water and looked at the Capitol building, wishing my mom was there since I know she loves this kind of stuff.  Once we got all cooled off and composed we entered the building, which was like a garden from the windows to the walls (I’m childish).  If you ever get a chance to go, check out the jungle room where there are plenty of exotic plants that I don’t know the names of and a second floor that I want to see, but the elevator was out of service (stroller life!).  Adjacent to the jungle room is the medicinal plant room that carried all of these different plants and noted their uses.  There was one missing from the group.  Moving on…..

Jungle Room

Jungle Room

Medicinal Room

Medicinal Room

The day was wonderful, I enjoyed spending some time with The Boy since I don’t get to do that much during the week because of my crazy commute.  Of course we ended our day at our favorite place, Bayou Bakery for our weekly dreamsicle sno ball and crawfish.

Sno Ball!!!!!

Sno Ball!!!!!

Crawdads....I prefer the term, Mudbugs

Crawdads….I prefer the term, Mudbugs





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