Tread Lightly: Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode Nine “Blood Money”

12 Aug


Last night Breaking Bad returned to AMC’s Sunday night line up with a bang.  This is the last season of the critically acclaimed

hit, and I must say I am sad to see it go.  Let’s jump into the recap because I have a WHOLE lot I want to discuss.


The show opens up with Walter returning to the family home which looks as if it has been abandoned or condemned.  There was a crew in the backyard filming a skate tape, utilizing Walter’s now empty pool.  They cut back to the inside of the house and you notice where someone has spray painted the word “Heisenberg” on one of the walls.  Walter crouches down by a light socket, unscrews the plate and ta-da! The infamous ricin used to possibly poison Brock.  Walter walks back outside, sees his neighbor Carol, who looks as if she has seen a ghost (foreshadowing, perhaps?) and Walter replies coolly, “Hi Carol.”


Hank’s Kobyashi Moment



Hank now realizes that Walter is Heisenberg and you can see it all over his face when he returns to the BBQ.  He complains of stomach trouble and he and his wife high tail it out of there.  On the ride home, Hank gets into an accident due to all of the anxiety he is feeling on discovering the truth about Walt.  The next day, Hank takes the day off and summons all of the records involving the blue meth investigation.  He starts to put the pieces together as he digs through the files.


Poor Jesse



The character my heart has always gone out to on this show was Jesse.  He seems like a guy that really wanted to get his life on track but just couldn’t.  Jesse is sitting with Badger and Skinny Pete discussing Star Trek and Jesse is really out of it.  He gets up and grabs his two duffel bags of money and walks out of the house.  He heads off to Saul’s office where he ask Saul to deliver the money to Mikes’ granddaughter and to the parents of the little boy that they killed in the desert.  Saul balks at this notion (hell, I was surprised he didn’t start calculating “special fees”) and warns Jesse that giving away this money is going to raise red flags.  Jesse gets frustrated and leaves Saul’s office.  Saul hops on the phone with Walt to let him know what Jesse is contemplating.  Jesse is later seen trying to get rid of the money by any means necessary, throwing it on to people’s lawns and giving stacks to a homeless man.  That money is a reminder to Jesse of all of the bad that came with it, and I think Jesse just wanted it gone.


At the Car Wash



Lydia shows up at the car wash to inform Walt that the purity of the product is now at “68 percent.”  Walt all but ignores her and lets her know that the purity issue is no longer his problem.  Lydia pleads with him and tells him that he is putting her “in a box” ( more foreshadowing?) refusing to help her.  When Lydia leaves, Skyler inquires as to who Lydia is and Walter tells her.  Ever the busybody, Skyler runs outside to Lydia’s car and tells her to never come back again. I have a feeling that is not the last we are going to see of Lydia.


Walt’s Cancer Returns



There is a scene where we see Walter receiving chemotherapy treatments.  Now that his cancer is back I think Walt is going to be a bit more ruthless as now, he is a man with nothing to lose.


The Confrontation


Walt gets ready to go to bed, and he notices that his copy of “Leaves of Grass” is missing.  You can see the wheels turning in his head……this leads him to his car, where he runs his hand under the bottom and POW!  There is a tracking device similar to the one that he and Hank used on Gus.  The next morning, Walter heads over to Hank’s house.  When Hank sees Walt he frantically tries to hide what he is working on, and seems nervous as hell.  The two exchange small talk and then honey…..they get down to brass tacks.  Walt confronts Hank about the tracking device and then Hank hits Walt and goes in on him for ultimately being Heisenberg.  Walt shuts Hank all the way down by telling him is cancer is back and if he wants to spend his time trying to prove he is Heisenberg to go ahead because, he’s dying and won’t do a day in jail.  Hank tells Walt he doesn’t even know who he is anymore, Walt simply responds, “If you don’t know who I am….I suggest you tread lightly.”  DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID THERE???????  DID YOU????  Personally I will be using this phrase daily for those who feel like trying me.


This season certainly got off to a wonderful start, and I am excited to see what the final episodes hold!





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