Moving Recap

5 Sep

I just want to start this post off by saying, every muscle in my body hurts right now.  I am also happy that I bought this house because after moving all my stuff in I am going to die here because I don’t ever ever want to do that again. 

Sunday after I picked up the goonies, it was moving time.  Because I procrastinated on booking my Uhaul the first one was not available until 5pm.  I decided to show up two hours early to pick my truck up just in case they happened to have one that was turned in early.  I was right, and I was able to get a truck and start my move off early.  Since I was moving from my storage unit to my house I really felt all I needed was a utility dolly and it would be smooth sailing.  This was true until it came time to move my behemoth of a mattress and box spring into the truck.  Mind you, it was just myself and my nine year old and we straight up struggled getting that mattress set into the truck.  Some of those forearm forklifts would have probably come in handy, but as usual, I thought 25 dollars was a lot to pay for something I would only use once.  Once we got the mattress on the truck, we were done and we headed to the new house.  I really thought that the hard part was over since this was just us moving the stuff into the house.  No.  Using a dolly to go down the ramp required a lot of leg and arm strength and was way harder than pushing it up the ramp because the dolly wanted to fall back all willy nilly.  The hardest part was over in my mind though, and I busied myself with getting the kid’s beds set up and that went super easy.  I was really hitting my stride until it was time to set up my bed.  This was no small feat.  I have a sleigh bed and the head and foot boards were HEAVY.  Once I got those up, I completely thought all the struggle was over because it was totally going to be a piece of cake to move my mattress upstairs.  Wrong.  When I tell you I was thisclose to just moving into my basement……that mattress just REFUSED to fit up the stairs.  I pulled, my daughter pushed, I cried, my son stood their eating Cheetos, my daughter maneuvered and came up with a way to make it fit up the stairs.  Thank God for that child because I was really ready to just have a seat and cry.  When we finally got the set upstairs, I proclaimed moving day over for the day.  The important thing was that we had beds and all the most important things off of the truck.  The next day wasn’t so bad, I finished up unloading around 11am and proceeded to get settled in.

Everyday, I am finding something new that I love about my house.  The first night there, I discovered that my microwave is actually a microwave AND an oven.  In a roundabout way, I have achieved my dream of having a house with two ovens.  Now this means, I can really get it cracking on those Sunday dinners.  I am also in love with my dishwasher (you see how much attention I paid to the appliances in the process)!  It has a delay timer on it and a little light that tells you whether or not the dishes that are in the washer have been cleaned.  Small things, but they make my life a whole lot easier. As far as the backyard, my children do not see it for playing outside.  They prefer to play in what is now the finished basement, which is empty right now.  I am still deciding what to do with that space, but I have some ideas floating around that should be pretty dope.  The other awesome thing in my house is the built in bookshelf in the living room.  Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE books!  I probably will never own a Nook or Kindle because there is something about turning pages in an actual book that I love.  Each book that I unpacked had a story.  I remembered purchasing or being gifted each one and it was like a walk down memory lane.  When I saw my very dog eared copies of The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman and For Colored Girls…., by Ntozake Shange I remembered being 20 years old and feeling so self conscience about my chocolate tone.  I came across my copy of The Ultimate Experience, the Jimi Hendrix biography and thought about my father introducing me to the man who set his guitar on fire at Monterrey.  Books hold a special meaning for me and I was so glad they had a place in my home too.

The housebuying and moving process has been very tiring but rewarding, and everyday when I come home, and I turn the key I think about how blessed I am and how far I have come.  I will keep you all updated on my DIY projects and I am open to all tips and tricks that anyone has!




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  1. Chanayle September 5, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    Yay! Jen! This tickled me to no end! G-baby is smart as a dern whip! All the love and luck and light in the world!! Enjoy!

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