The Shade of Success

4 Oct


I have made no secret that I came to the DMV to win.  I came to excel, to be better every day, week, month, and year that I was before.  Call me wrong, but I look at the opportunity in everything, because again, I am only playing to WIN.  When I step through the doors at work, I am all about my business.  I did not come to kiki with you.  I did not come to make BFF’s, I came to work….and did I mention win?  Now that we have all of that out of the way, today we had a meeting where there were some job responsibility changes.  Some people got some of their responsibilities taken, some people got more, some job titles were switched.  I was one of those people who got more responsibility and a new job title.  I am now on the same playing field as the person that was above me.  This did not make her happy.  Be clear:  this is not my first time at the office rodeo.  As stated before, I know how the game is played, and the difference this time is….I know HOW to play.  When we got out of the meeting she came over to me and offered the FAKEST congratulations followed by:  “I mean are you sure you want that responsibility?  Our PM has a way of making people think they want things they really don’t.  Plus, you really don’t have a lot of training in that area and I wouldn’t want you to be overwhelmed.”

For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When Words Were Not Enough: My Day Told Through GIF's

Girl, what?  Have you seem my resume?  Do you know my skill set?  The training program this department is using at this very moment was put together by yours truly.  I didn’t open the library like I wanted to because I will always remain professional, so I replied, “I know I can handle this.  I have been doing this for years.”

There was a time where I would have dialed down my confidence to assure the other person that I wasn’t as good as they were so I would not be perceived as a threat.  Yeah, that person doesn’t live here anymore.  You feel threatened?  Work harder.  I am damn good at what I do and my days of denying it to stroke another persons ego are over.  Trust and believe if the shoe was on the other foot, not only would she have snatched up the work she would have thrown me under the bus extra hard to make sure there was NEVER a possibility of me taking her spot.  But this is really what I wanted to say to her:



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