The Weekend: Meltdowns, The Parents, and Fragmented Brain

28 Oct

This seemed like the busiest weekend I have had in a long time.  Friday night, after I got off work, I had a TON of prep to do for my parent’s visit on Saturday.  I made the colossal mistake of taking my very tired 3 year old grocery shopping after a long day at preschool.  He did not last for even five minutes.  As soon as we got in the store, his eyes focused on the huge candy display at the front of the store (thanks a lot Safeway) and began to beg like he was a Junior James Brown for a bucket of Dum-Dums.  When my son has a meltdown it’s never just a small event.  He cries as if he is being abused and it feels like ALL eyes in the store are on me.  For a minute I contemplated just putting the bucket of sugar in the cart to buy some time, but I knew there would be another meltdown at the register when he discovered I wasn’t buying (see the Lunchable fight of 2013).  So, I did what I know how to do best: I tuned him out.  Yes, I left him laying right there on the floor sobbing hysterically over the candy he so desperately “needed.”  The problem in this, is when you ignore the tantrum you lose again in public perception. The same people that were giving me the evil eye for him yelling for the candy, were now giving me the evil eye for walking away from him.  I double backed and drug him and my shopping cart through the cleaning aisle offering a “surprise” if he just stopped crying.  The crying and dragging continued for another 15 minutes as I shouted over the yelling for my daughter to grab some toilet paper and paper towels.  By the time we made it to the produce section he saw the pumpkins and just stopped crying.  It was like watching the end of D’Angelo’s “How Does it Feel” video.  He just stopped and said, “A Halloween!”  Then a few seconds later, he informed me that he was “happy now.”  I don’t have time for this….by that time my pressure was sky high and I didn’t have much in my cart because my nerves were so shot I could not think.  He was so gracious to let me finish my grocery shopping and we headed home and I cooked a light meal and did some touch up cleaning to the house.

The next morning my parents were set to arrive and I had A TON of things to do.  The first was to pick up the 20 dollar couch I found on Craigslist.  This was my first time ever buying anything off of Craigslist and I was terrified I was going to end up in someone’s trunk and my face on the back of a milk carton.  Thank God, that I didn’t run into a Craigslist killer, instead a waitress who was excited to make 20 bucks and rid herself of her one year old couch.  She and I loaded the couch into the rented pickup truck and I headed back to my side of town.  Once the truck was returned and the couch was in its rightful place, The Goons and I headed to IKEA.  The best part of where I live is being in such close proximity to an IKEA.  Where I am from we don’t have one so I always had the misconception that IKEA was the really fancy place where you buy difficult to put together furniture and other “exclusive” items.  I also thought that the prices must be high because hey, it’s IKEA.  IKEA itself is not particularly “fancy.”  The store design and amenities are, with it’s many levels, cafeteria style restaurant and daycare (SCORE!).  There were people from all walks of life there not just Nordic looking yuppies.  What I love most about IKEA are the PRICES.  I have mentioned I have an idea of what I feel things should cost and IKEA nurtures that in me.  I only wanted to spend ten dollars on an end table and twenty dollars for a coffee table and surprise, surprise….they had both for those EXACT prices.  I also don’t believe in spending  more that five dollars on plastic food containers and I got a 16 piece set for five dollars.  The best part of my trip was the art work.  I have never bought anything to go on my walls because I think anything over fifteen dollars is overpriced.  I bought the most AWESOME piece for $9.99.  There was actually a bunch of really nice canvas pictures for that price and I am going to go back and get some more.

I had a great time showing my parents my house for the first time.  There was a sense of pride being able to show off my new accomplishment.  The house still needs a paint job, but they were very impressed.  My dad gave me some tips on finishing the bathroom in the basement and he even discovered the hidden vent that keeps my basement from being at arctic temperatures.  My mom gave me some cool tips on window treatments and The Goons were happy to show my parents their new bedrooms.  I had a wonderful visit with them, but it felt way to short.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am back on my Concerta.  The ADD is just way to strong in me.  I took a three month break from my meds and though I got some things accomplished, my life became very disorganized at work and at home.  I had a meeting last Monday and I could not tell you one thing that was talked about because I was daydreaming about what I would blog about later.  I don’t go to bed at a decent time because I am up to all hours of the night Googling every single thought in my head.  Being un medicated for me is like a fragmented drive (sorry, I’m a big old IT nerd) all the data is there but it is just floating around on different parts of the drive.  My Concerta is my defrags my brain so that all the pieces are in order, if that makes sense.  This morning I felt a fog lift off my brain while driving to work.  I didn’t check my phone incessantly, I didn’t bounce between 4 different Pandora stations, I just enjoyed what I was listening to and focused on driving.


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  1. Perfection Pending November 1, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    The meltdown in the grocery store is way too familiar!! 🙂

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