Halloween Re-Cap

1 Nov


Yesterday was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and boy did we get some surprises.  Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Halloween.  It is by far, one of my favorite holidays and I love the idea of dressing up.  This year I had the idea to do a family costume.  Since I LIVE for the Disney villains, I was going to be the Evil Queen, The Girl would be Snow White, and The Boy would be one of the Seven Dwarfs.  I had the whole thing planned out and we would be then envy of everyone in the neighborhood.  When I proposed the idea The Girl showed the enthusiasm of someone getting a root canal.  ” I don’t want to be Snow White.  I want to be a witch.”  I turned to The Boy and he firmly let me know in his Keith Sweat wining voice that he wanted to be Spiderman.  Booooo…how generic.  I scowled and headed to YouTube for makeup tutorials on how to turn myself into the Evil Queen.  Costumes were purchased last weekend when while my parents were in town and I had all the make up I needed for my transformation.  My children made sure to awaken my Mommy Guilt by pointing out that our house was not decorated for the occasion, so I got a pumpkin (it never got carved) and put it on the porch.  When I got off work yesterday I made sure to leave in enough time to get myself ready, but I was thwarted by the infamous Northern Virginia traffic that seems to pop up at any hour of the day.  I didn’t make it to the daycare until 6 where my children were two of the three children still at the center.  We flew home so I could get them ready and it was a mess.  I thought my daughter’s witch costume would be easy to put together, all black everything with her witch hat and broom.  WRONG!  I couldn’t find a black shirt for her to save my life.  While I was tearing up her room looking for a shirt, The Boy was wailing about wanting something to drink, so now I was looking for a shirt with a very angry preschooler holding on to my leg.  I finally found her a purple shirt (close enough) and she was ready.  After getting my son his all important cup (it HAD to be the Superman cup) of juice I put his costume on him, made them pose for pictures and he headed out.  Where was my costume?  It didn’t happen.  I just went as a very tired single mother who still had on her badge from work.  When we headed down the street I noticed two things: 1) There were barely any porch lights on signaling that it was OK to trick or treat 2) There was barely any children out.  Where in the world did I move?  I grew up in a time when the streets would be PACKED with children on Halloween and people would be on their lawns with their candy dishes in hand.  We trudged up the street, when we FINALLY found a house that was giving out candy and two houses across the street that were participating as well.  We circled the neighborhood searching for other houses and we came across about 6 more houses, and that was it.  My kids had a thin layer of candy in their buckets and I was exhausted.  They both looked disappointed, so I hopped in the car and drove them to Walgreen’s to get them some more candy and ordered a pizza and they seemed satisfied.  I fulfilled my mommy duties and everyone was happy.  HA!  I had to pull out my whistle and referee shirt to break up a fight over who stole who’s candy.  My son told his side of the story in broken preschooler English about his sister stealing a kip-tat (kit kat) bar and my daughter arguing that he wasn’t going to eat it anyway.  God help me.  I put both of the candy buckets up and announced I would be distributing the candy going forth to stop any arguments.  The Boy melted down into a giant tantrum and my daughter began to wax about her brother ruining everything.  I can’t take these two dramatic little people.  After dinner and playing the “please go to bed and stay there” game I helped myself to all the Reese cups (The Girl has a peanut allergy) and red wine I could consume.  I thought about how stressful Halloween had become, so far removed from the joyous event it was when they were little enough that I picked the costumes and there were no fights over candy.  Then I remembered…..I still had to survive two birthday parties and the Grandaddy of them all, Christmas.


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