Thanksgiving Re-Cap

2 Dec



This year my family decided to break from our tradition of eating at home and we went out to eat for Thanksgiving.  In previous years, my mother would spend a day and a half preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast and while we all enjoyed the food, it left very little time for us to spend time together as a family.  A few weeks before the holiday, my mom contacted me with the idea of going out to eat for Thanksgiving to maximize the time she got to spend with us and The Goons.  I was all for it, because I personally am not a fan of being on dish detail post-meal.  My father and sister found a place called Cotton’s Southern Bistro, who was having an elaborate Thanksgiving buffet.  I was a little skeptical at first because I am funny about my holiday food.  I had a bad experience one year when I skipped my family’s Thanksgiving to go to a boyfriend’s house and the food was HORRIBLE, and after that I wasn’t doing Thanksgiving anywhere but my parent’s house.  The food at Cotton’s did not disappoint!  It was all you can eat and they even had crab legs!  I ordered an Angry Orchard and went to town on crab legs, roast beef, collards, ham, and a large assortment of cheeses and desserts.  Though my mom is still going to do Christmas dinner, I hope we continue the new tradition of going out for Thanksgiving.


The other highlight of the holiday was my return to running.  After the Diva’s Half Marathon, I was sidelined for a couple of months while I let my patellar tendonitis heal.  I am going to confess right now that my injury was not the only reason I took a break from running.  Be clear, Diva’s was a very traumatic race for me.  During the infamous mile 9 everything went to hell in a hand basket and my legs completely gave up on me, and the whole experience made me terrified to run anything over 3 miles for fear the same thing would happen again.  My sister and father run the Tidewater Striders Turkey Trot every year on Thanksgiving day and this year I wanted to participate.  I vacillated the days before the race, I didn’t even register to give myself the option of chickening out at the last minute.  The night before, my father dropped out due to ankle pain, leaving my sister the only runner from our family going.  The night before, I spent a lot of time talking myself out of running it, but at 5am that morning, I decided to roll out of bed and do it.  The biggest factor in my decision to run was that this was the first time ever that my sister and I would ever participate in a race together.  After giving myself a pep talk and repeating, “This will not be like Diva’s” a million times, I was ready.  We headed to the race and there was minimal traffic and I was able to register with ease.  Since I was doing an on-site registration, the race had run out of timing chips and bibs, so they gave me a bib from a former race (The Crab Crawl Half) and I would have to rely on my Nike Plus app to track my time.  Once the race started, I coached myself in my head and reminded myself that the goal for the day was to control my pace.  One of the biggest mistakes I made at Diva’s was the delusion that I could maintain a 5k pace for 13 miles.  When I started out, I was doing a 15 minute mile and the plan was to progress to a faster pace each mile so that I would not be depleted by the time I hit mile five.  For mile 2 I moved to a 14 minute mile, mile 3, 13 minute mile and so on.  This strategy worked beautifully, because by the time I hit mile 5 by body felt great.  The greatest victory was that I did not walk at all unless you count the times I slowed up at the water stations.  Once I crossed that finish line at an hour and 25 minutes I felt redeemed.  It was out at Mount Trashmore I got my running mojo back.  For the first time since Diva’s I felt alive, I felt like a runner again.  The lesson in this race is to never be afraid.  There will be kick ass races and there will be not so good ones, but I should not let the bad races discourage me.


Now for the fuckery.  It is well documented on this blog that when I lived “back home” that I had a lot of problems in my dating life.  I am not going to rehash it all here, but check the archives, my dating life sucked. I blame myself partly because I just didn’t know my worth, and I was so hung up on the approval of a man that I was willing to participate in all kinds of bald headed reindeer games in order to “get chose.”  Most of the men that I was “dating” would get what they wanted from me and then I couldn’t find them in the day time with a flashlight.  Everyone was “busy.”  Well fast forward to today and before I could even get on 95, my inbox was filled with messages from men from dating past that just had to see me.  To all of them I simply wanted to type, “Bye Felicia.”  Where were you when I needed you?  I would go days texting and calling with little to no response and now all of a sudden you just “have to see me” and I have “been on your mind.”  They can all miss me with that bullshit.  If I was on your mind you would have called me ages ago, not just when you thought I was going to be in town.  There was one who seemed irritated that I was not responding to his messages on THANKSGIVING DAY.  Yes, this man was delusional enough to think that I was just going to abandon my family to go and “chill” with him.  Sir, have a stadium of seats and don’t get back up until you get some common sense.  The old me would have probably done it, but now?  Hell no.  Once you have experienced someone genuinely caring for you and being there for you for the good and bad times, you can’t just go back to mess.


All of that being said, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and felt blessed I was able to spend it with the people who mattered the most to me.  I was in such a good mood when I got home, the kids and I put the Christmas tree up while listening to ALL of the Mariah Carey Christmas music we could find.



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