Four-Twelve, Stolen Coats, and We Like To Party

19 Dec

The holidays are here and I am FINALLY getting into the Christmas spirit!  While I was drunk with Christmas spirit a week or so ago, I made a status about wanting to throw a Christmas party and forgot all about it.  That was until J called me at work and asked what was up with the party on Saturday.  So on Saturday, J and I are throwing our first ever Christmas party.  Thoughtful man he his, the first question out of his mouth was, “Do you want me to call the house cleaning service?” Uh, does a bear shit in the woods?  You know I am not above calling in reinforcements.  So for the last few days I have been on Pintrest trying to put together this party.  I have a nice menu put together and a hot chocolate bar (yes, it’s a thing now, Pintrest said so).  I am looking forward to getting together with friends and having a good time.  Tonight’s mission: Games.  Wish me luck!

So there is someone at my son’s daycare that has been shopping in his cubby.  In the last 2-3 months, I had to purchase three coats as they just keep on disappearing.  The first one I was really mad about because it was one of those three-in-one coats.  When I went to ask the teacher where is coat was I got a slackjawed response about my son taking his coat off on the playground.  Ok, if you saw him take it off, can you lead me to it?  Her response, “Oh. I don’t know where it is now but I’ll keep an eye out for it.”  That was two months ago.   Fast forward to last night, I go to pick my son up and he has no coat.  I go to his cubby and where a coat should be is empty.  The word “mad” doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling.  Mad is too mild, furious and enraged are better words.  I went to the assistant director and asked her why my child’s coat keeps disappearing.  After questioning whether or not he owned a coat (bitch, does your mama own a coat?) and asking for a detailed description of the coat she concluded that the coat could be “anywhere” and she would “keep an eye out.”  No Sis, what I want you to do is address this….stop asking me if he really owns a coat and for the love of God, “He sometimes takes his coat off outside.” is really not a valid response. Does Groupon have a deal on Customer Service classes?  If so, they are getting one from me for Christmas.

For all seven of you that read this blog you may be familiar with what 4/12/08 was, was ‘sposed to be or whatever.  If not you’ll have to dig in the crates to find out because I don’t have the energy for the whole story.  Since I have moved to DC, I wanted to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  The Cherry Blossoms are BEAUTIFUL during the peak blooming season and I love marveling in that kind of beauty.  The 10 miler is lottery only, meaning you can’t just sign up, you have to enter the lottery and if your name is picked, you’re in.  The lottery results were to be posted on Monday, though I swear my email said Tuesday, but I also don’t remember what I had for breakfast so don’t mind me.  Monday was not starting off well, I spent the greater part of my morning fiddling around with something, probably detangling my earbuds for the 100th time.  My mind wasn’t on the race until I logged on to Facebook (there is a post in this sentence) and saw a few of the girls from my running group received confirmation emails.  I checked and refreshed my email a million times–still no email.  I began to channel my son and yes, this grown ass woman began to…..pout.  Before I could make it to work, where I intended to eat my feelings I decided to check the site for the race and there in all of it’s splendor was my name with a hyperlink beside it that said “Action Required.”  This is where I am going to give you a race lottery tip to put in your pocket: Make sure your credit card number is right when entering a lottery.  So needless to say, I got in and I am over the moon!  I was so excited I got in and I was so excited that I didn’t miss the lottery entry that I didn’t look at the date.  The race is being held on 4/12/15.  The universe clearly has a sense of humor, that was my first thought, but then I thought about it some more.  What if this is the universe’s way of changing what that date means?  Last year the 17.75K for automatic entry into the Marine Corps Marathon was on 4/12.  I didn’t do it, but if I had that would have changed what that date meant.  So this year, I am gonna run on 4/12 and take joy in what my life is today.





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