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Just Call Me Amazon Barbie……

30 Sep


Quelle Surprise!  I know I said I was on a blogging break, but lately I am feeling like I still need an outlet so I am returning to what I do best:  putting my feeling on paper (or computer screen).

This week I returned to running after a year of….um…not running.  As I have stated before, the winter was harsh as shit up here and I just lost my motivation to run.  In the last few months I have had a few starts and stops because my shins and hips were not cooperating.  My joints have been in a great deal of pain and I am 100% sure that is because the 20 that I worked so hard to lose have returned.  If I ever needed proof that I am not made to be on Team Chunk this is it. It is very humbling to go from running 7 miles for fun to doing the Couch to 5k program all over again.  Sometimes I want to cry, give up or punch something but the best thing I can do is just keep going.  Does it depress me when I am only able to do one mile?  Absolutely.  The silver lining is I know that I will get better, the key is not to rush so I can stay injury free this time around.

Operation Cohabitation has been going along well.  There has certainly been a learning curve over the last month has we meld our lives together.  More important, our relationship has grown in so many different ways.  If you would have told me three years ago he and I would be at this place in our relationship I would have never believed it.  We have arrived at the place where the Big M is being discussed and I must admit I am scared.  I am totally not scared of marriage, though judging by how the first one went I should be.  This type scared is the “I’m-scared-something-is-gonna-happen.”  All of my previous relationships there was always something that would show up that would be a deal breaker or I would discover some shit like he is a serial gigalo (true story), a Peter Panesque man child (check!) or he is on “hard” drugs (check!).  While our love is far from new, it’s still refreshing.  It has taken a lot to get used to what a healthy relationship looks like.  I remember one day I was stranded at the Metro Station because I was not able to get a ride home slugging and to add to the chaos I left my debit card at home so I was penniless and stranded.  Though J couldn’t come and get me, he made sure someone did and he made sure my son was not left at the daycare past closing time.  I remember when I finally made it home I apologized profusely and thanked him a million times.  He looked confused and said, “That is what your man is supposed to do.  What was I going to do just leave you out there until you figured it out?”  I am so embarrassed to say that in the past that is exactly would have gone down.  This is not to say everyday we are holding hands and singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  We have our ups and downs and that is mostly due to trying to figure out who is going to be in charge of what chores.  Bottom line, we are still growing and it looks like we are growing in the right direction.

I have a new love affair with Amazon.  Now we all know how horribly cheap I am so that $79 price tag for Amazon Prime in the beginning of the year was a hard thing for me to swallow, but then came Prime Music.  Anyone who knows me knows I love music and Prime Music has TONS of it!!!  So far I have over 1,000 songs on my list and I am still discovering new music!  Granted, I only bought the Prime Membership so I could watch HBO on demand and save on shipping when I made the occasional purchase.  Almost a year in, I will tell you my purchases from Amazon are anything but occasional now.  I buy EVERYTHING from Amazon.  My running shoes, hair supplies, school supplies, and anything else all came from Amazon.  The free shipping is a bonus, and I love that said free shipping is also FAST.  I have become accustomed to getting my items in 1-2 days tops and I don’t like waiting any long that that anymore.  The last addition that won me over was the introduction of the Kindle Unlimited.  I wanted nothing to do with Kindles when they came out.  Much like the old timers in the office that hate anything that doesn’t include paper I wanted to stick to books.  “You can’t cuddle with a Kindle!”  True, but when you are getting a catalog of books for ten dollars a month, you will make adjustment.  I just read from my Kindle app since I am staring at my phone(my secret introvert tactic) half of the time .

That’s my time…….I’ll be updating more and uh….yeah I need to buy my domain name back…….



Lies I’ve Told: “Yeah, I Can Cook….”

17 Jan


One of my goals for the upcoming year has been to become a better cook.  Until I hit 30, my repetoire consisted for knowing how to fry things really well, spaghetti, the ability to doctor up some canned or frozen vegetables and breakfast food.  My food would always look good and smell good but when it came to taste? Honey.  The taste of my food had two extremes: blood pressure rising salty or cardboard bland.  I didn’t know the proper way to season nor did I step out of my comfortable Lawry’s and black pepper seasoning.  I remember the first time J cooked for me he made these AWESOME breakfast tacos and I watched as he fried the tortillas to make them into a taco shape and I almost went to heaven the combination of sausage, eggs, and peach mango salsa collided so well.  I wanted to cook like that. Continue reading

From the Desk of Miss Page: Hiatus, Outkast, and “That Time”

10 Jan

Today marks one week on my Facebook hiatus and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I miss some of the groups I was a part of on there and the funny updates I would see. HOWEVER, I am happy I missed the reaction to the “cursing baby.” I’m sure someone on my list found it funny and I just wasn’t here for all of that. I tried to watch and there was nothing funny, it made me extremely sad. More importantly if someone who found that funny is in my circle then I should be evaluating why I am associating with someone of that character…the circle of life.

Overall I feel that my hiatus from Facebook has made things a little bit easier in my life. I am more engaged in social settings and I came to a realization in one week that checking into places is just a security hazard.

Before I forget, I know most of my readers know who childish Gambino is and that he will be performing at the Fillmore Silver Spring Maryland I have a vague date but they’re $35 a ticket and that is what’s making me happy furthermore was making me really really happy is Outkast is getting back together for Cochella 2014 and this is a huge deal because not only was their music a huge part of my teenage and young adult years, they also haven’t made music together since 2005. I have been waiting for the to reunite for almost nine years and now it’s finally happening and you better believe mama is going! This will require me to sleep in tent(ew) but it’s worth it to hear “Red Velvet” live one more time.

Last but not least, I really would like to punch Eve in the face for this wonderful monthly gift that turns me into a crying, Oreo and ice cream consuming shell of myself.

From the Desk of Miss Page….

27 Aug

Many of you may be wondering what happened to J, as I really don’t blog about him as much anymore.  I figured today was a good time to address that.  For over a year, I defended his need for what he called privacy in his relationship.  This was a lot for me to swallow, even when he referred to me as his “homegirl” or “the homie” when introducing me.

I took this too, as a part of his need for privacy.  But there is a fine line between privacy and hiding.  After uncovering lies by omission every couple of months, it became painfully clear that J wasn’t being private about our relationship, he was hiding it.  I defended this for so long because I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had made the SAME mistake again.  I was dating a man that loved me in the dark, but not in the light.  The final straw is when I heard the actual truth of what happened and who was called when he had an emergency this past winter.  I don’t have to tell you who, if you read this blog you already know (here’s a hint: Wedding).  You know when I found about his emergency?  Three days later.  And during that three days NO ONE said anything to me.  Why?  Because to his friends I wasn’t his girl.  I was his “homie.”  So, I sit here a little embarrassed, because I really thought I knew better, but I didn’t.  That being said, I don’t harbor any ill will, I just know that the next time around, I will pay closer attention.

Three more days until closing and I am pumped!!!  My walk through is scheduled for the 29th, and the next day is closing time.  I honestly did not think I was going to make it to this week.

I ran a 5k this morning before work, and I feel like a bag of money.  My intention was to only run 2 miles, but when I got to two, I felt so damn good that I wanted to go to three.  I would have gone to four, but I love my job and I was already on the cusp of being late.

Thank God for GPS.  Yesterday, I accidently got on at 495 NORTH, and the next thing I know, my ass was at Dulles Airport.  Let’s note that Dulles is nowhere near my house and I learned that taking the free Dulles toll road and turning around at the airport will get your ass a ticket.  It took me an extra 45 minutes to get home, but I did discover that if I never need to catch a flight and I have leave from my job, it’s not that far to the airport.  The more you know….




House Poor

1 Aug


It’s really happening. Miss Page is buying a home. I really expected this time to be spent on Pintrest and DIY sites, but instead I am pulling all my hair out. The bank accepted my offer (it’s a foreclosure) and now I am waiting on the appraisal. First and foremost, under my sisters advice, I have decided to hire my own appraiser (because I don’t have enough to do) and either way it goes, I’m out $500. Then my agent calls and says to bring another $500 in earnest money. A grand in a day and I’m over here weeping because I know this isn’t the end. As if that wasn’t enough, financial aid is playing reindeer games. I just love the random-hold up your aid game. Lets not forget….I’m also training for the Divas Half. My plate is too full, but I cannot eliminate any of these things from my plate. I know I wave my strong single mama flag all the time but let me take off my cool for a minute. When I got home today, for a minute I wished I had some arms to lay in and bounce ideas off of. Instead, I got a three year old demanding to eat raw oatmeal. This next month I know I will only get by with prayer and patience. Now I’m going to close these eyes and when I wake up, I’ll be here to fight another day.

Last Day

26 Jul


This picture has nothing to do with this post, but isn’t he cute?

Today’s the day!!!! My last day of working in DC, and I have so many mixed emotions. I am excited about my new opportunity, as it will be a chance for me to grow my career. I won’t however, miss taking a commuter bus and two trains everyday. It will feel good to get home from work at an hour that will still let me have a life of some sort. The other bonus is I will be ten minutes from my gym, so morning or afternoon workouts are a possibility. Today, I’m headed to work for my farewell party and to tie up some loose ends, then I’m out to enjoy my Friday!

Commute Life: Dupont Metro

17 Jul


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