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Ordinary People

19 Dec



I have about four drafts of what I “thought” I wanted to blog about and then I remembered that the purpose of the blog was to be….uncensored.  This is my place where I can tell it like it TIS and lately I have been writing to cater to people who feel I should close up my open book or at least edit it so that I can appear to be a certain “way” to the world.  Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in being honest about life in every aspect, so here goes… Continue reading


Promise You Will Sing About Me

9 Dec

I haven’t written about my sister’s wedding plans in a while especially after the “post heard all around social media.” But I have been thinking about her upcoming nuptials and wonder what it will mean for our sisterhood. For whatever reason we weren’t close for YEARS and when my daughter was born we began mending our relationship. When my son arrived six years later I was able to understand her disappointments in me a lot better. Just when we are rocking and rolling, she gets engaged. I’m happy for her because I know this is her dream, but my heart aches a little because I’m losing my baby sister. The feeling of regret is heavy because I wish I spent more time with her and behaved better. So now it feels like my time’s up and the story is over. I know her fiancé is going to make her happy and I want that for her, I just hope she doesn’t forget about me.

Thanksgiving Re-Cap

2 Dec



This year my family decided to break from our tradition of eating at home and we went out to eat for Thanksgiving.  In previous years, my mother would spend a day and a half preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast and while we all enjoyed the food, it left very little time for us to spend time together as a family.  Continue reading

House Shading and Craigslist

23 Oct

This is not my house. It just plays one on TV.

The weekend is approaching, and I am just a big old ball of nerves.  What if my parents hate my house?  What if they shade me?  Will I be able to handle a second round of “All the Ways Your House Sucks?”  Will my dad refuse to come to my house again and stay holed up in the hotel?  Did I also mention that ALL of my flowers have died in my front yard?  To add to it my sister decided to tell him I needed help “fixing” my house and instructed him to bring his tools.  I appreciate this, but as I have documented here, my dad and I have a very bizarre relationship.   We rarely communicate with one another, it’s mostly through my mother or my sister.  I don’t really feel a particular way about it, I just wish people would stop trying to make this relationship “happen.”  I think my dad and I are in the place that we are in and it will be that way until one of us drops.  Whenever we try to have a conversation it just feels forced and awkward, and you know I don’t do awkward.

I did score a sweet IKEA couch from Craigslist today for the low price of twenty dollars.  It is the EXACT same couch I was about to since 200 dollars into on Friday.  This all worked out because as you may or may not know, I have an issue with what things cost.  I don’t know if this is some kind of legit disorder, but I think 200 dollars is a ridiculous amount to pay for a couch.  It is a couch.  For me, it is vehicle for me to watch endless episodes of Law and Order SVU, while filling my face with guacamole and chips.  Plus I have a preschooler, at some point something will get spilled on it and I don’t need that kind of frustration in my life.

This weekend I entered the world of application development with my shiny copy of Adobe Flex and so far it has been pretty easy to use.  For the past year I have been wanting to create a few mobile apps for things I feel would be useful.  I don’t know how much will come of it, but thanks to a friend I do know the process of getting them on to the Android and Apple market is not as hard as I thought.

Time to head off to Physical Therapy and run on the awesomeness that is the Alter-G treadmill!

Pintrest Mommy Guilt

22 Oct

I am emerging from the ongoing panic attack from planning my son’s fourth birthday party.  When I started on this mission, I was going to have the party at Chuck E. Cheese which is somewhat of a Vegas for kids.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a Chuck E. Cheese party, however it’s just too loud and too crowded for me.  Did I also mention the pizza sucks?  So after careful consideration, I decided to have his birthday party at home.  When I decided to buy a home, this was one of the reasons on the list.  I wanted to be able to throw parties and voila….a reason to party has emerged.

Continue reading

There is a First Time for Everything

28 Aug

Over here on this blog do a rarely if ever take down a post.  This is my space to say what I want, and do what I want.  This changed for me today when I posted about an issue between my sister and I and it really hurt her.  It wasn’t the post itself, it’s that I was messy because I didn’t talk to her first.  I am reminded of something my 7th grade teacher said, “Your rights end where the other person’s begin.”  I only have one sister and my intention was not to make her look bad or to hurt her, that was just the space I was in.  After reading each other via iMessage, (there was a lot of “let’s be clear” used) I took down the post, and apologized.  Hopefully we can move on from this……


For giggles, this is how you all can imagine our argument:


My sister said:


Then I said:


Then I was at my desk like:

The she proceeded to:

Then we both said:



Paying it Forward:Deborah Lynn’s Fund for Pancreatic Cancer

25 Jul

Yesterday I logged into Facebook, and noticed on my news feed that one of my friends was having a fundraiser for her mother.  When I clicked on the link and read the details I began to cry as I read the screen:

“On June 23rd, Deborah Lynn 55 was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that has spread to the liver. Her Insurance company Anthem has denied her coverage and refuses to pay for any treatment. I am her daughter. I created this account because SHE wants to fight! and I’m going to help her whatever way I can.”

This is the part of working in healthcare that I don’t like.  It breaks my heart when I have to tell a patient we can’t see them because they don’t have the right insurance or because they don’t have insurance at all.  I don’t like telling a patient that they can’t have a test because the insurance company deems it unnecessary, even though it may be a test that saves them from a possible amputation or further complications.  So, I am asking if you are moved to do so, please donate to her GiveForward account.  I know from first hand experience that cancer treatment is expensive without insurance and every little bit helps!



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