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Lies I’ve Told: “Yeah, I Can Cook….”

17 Jan


One of my goals for the upcoming year has been to become a better cook.  Until I hit 30, my repetoire consisted for knowing how to fry things really well, spaghetti, the ability to doctor up some canned or frozen vegetables and breakfast food.  My food would always look good and smell good but when it came to taste? Honey.  The taste of my food had two extremes: blood pressure rising salty or cardboard bland.  I didn’t know the proper way to season nor did I step out of my comfortable Lawry’s and black pepper seasoning.  I remember the first time J cooked for me he made these AWESOME breakfast tacos and I watched as he fried the tortillas to make them into a taco shape and I almost went to heaven the combination of sausage, eggs, and peach mango salsa collided so well.  I wanted to cook like that. Continue reading


My Thoughts In GIFS: Meltdowns (again) and Birthdays

6 Nov

I went to the CVS yesterday to pick up my daughter’s prescription and of course, The Boy had a meltdown over not being the “Line Leader.”  Afterwards, all I wanted to do was:

When I am pretending to listen:

Pretty Much:

For my Facebook Stalkers:

My son’s birthday party is on Saturday.  A crew of 3-4 year olds turned up on apple juice and cuppycakes…..

Buuuuuutttt…..I am celebrating my birthday too this weekend so:

My sister and I when we go out:

Me at Stadium:

When my children are fighting:

But when it gets out of hand:


The Lost Files: Crunchy Black

25 Oct

Drugs are bad ya’ll……

My Thoughts in GIF’s: Homecoming and PT

25 Oct

People who have not said four words to me in YEARS are in my messages asking “what’s up for HU homecoming?”

The rest haven closed back in 2011 and will remain closed permanently.  If the only reason I cross your mind is because I live in the DMV and it’s homecoming, please drink a tall, frosty glass of Clorox.

When my therapist ask if I have been doing my PT exercises:


I like my job:

When I have made my point in an argument:

After spending a night of trying to debug a program:

The fastest way to my heart:

My face is BEAT today….

It’s payday!!!!


CrazySexyCool: The Dragging of Pebbles

22 Oct

Last night VH1 aired the TLC biopic, CrazySexyCool and I hopped on twitter because I knew Black Twitter would not disappoint with commentary.  The real story of the night was dragging of Pebbles…..y’all I was not ready, and I ended up going to bed ridiculously late as I could not get off my TL for laughing so hard!

Continue reading

Drake Ruined My Booty Call: Nothing Was The Same

30 Sep

Catch Sam and more of his comedy on his Official Website, YouTube, and Facebook!



Derek J: You Mad?

24 Sep

Every time I see Derek J, I always feel no matter how put together I look, I need to do like Avis says and “Try Harder.”

via Crunk and Disorderly


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