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Burnout, Housewarmings, Control, and Housework

9 Oct


Burn Out

After two months of going at break neck speed in my personal life and my career, I just crashed on Monday.  I believe the term that is used is “burnout.”  On Tuesday, I made the decision to take a mental health day and get some rest.  I didn’t do much resting, but it felt good just be on pause for a minute.  Though that one day to gather my life was nice, I need a real vacation.  I work hard, but I don’t really play that hard anymore.  There are rewards to being driven, but the rewards are no fun if you are not enjoying them.  Starting next week, I am going back to participating in open mic nights, because that was really a good thing for me.  Hell, I may even throw in a night at Patty Boom Boom.


It’s housewarming time!!!!  I was waiting to throw my housewarming once I was finished with all the painting and minor repairs, but I want to really take my time painting and it just looks odd to have a housewarming 4 months after you have moved.  I am really excited to show off my new house, and it won’t be anything too formal nor will there be some kind of “theme” just food, wine, and friends.


As I mentioned before, I have been having a really stressful few weeks, and most of my stress comes from needed to control the “unknown variables” in my life.  The mailing of my lost debit card was one of those variables that drove me crazy last week.  I was all in a panic because I was worried something would happen to the mail that would alter the course of the card getting to me.  I spent five days with my stomach in knots excessively googling how long it actually took for a debit card to arrive.  I didn’t concentrate on much else because that is all I was focused on.  On Thursday, as predicted, the card was in the mail.  I spent four days of my life in a constant state of worry over something that was out of my control.  This is not the first time I have done this, I have a really bad habit of freaking out and getting all stressed out over nothing.  I am looking for a way to turn all of that worrisome energy into something positive.  I have talked about it before but I think yoga would be a good thing for me from a mental health perspective.


When I bought my house, I really didn’t think about the size of the home and how much more cleaning I would have to do.  Most days I do not get home until 6 and then I am cooking and trying to get The Goons off to bed.  This leaves very little time for through cleaning.  Sure, I am able to keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean, but now that my daughter is involved with activities on the weekend it is becoming hard to keep up with three floors of cleaning.  So this week, I hired a cleaning service to come twice a month for 2 hours each visit.  I wrestled with this for a long time because I didn’t want people to think I was being “bougie” or that I was too lazy to clean my own house.  The simple fact of the matter is, I am a busy lady and I need a little help around the house when it comes to keeping it straight.  Cleaning my son and daughter’s rooms are a task in themselves and laundry is it’s own all day task.  That being said, I don’t mind having some extra hands twice a month to help keep this place clean.


Maternity Photos Ideas: Victoria Page Style

19 Jul

Call me jaded or cynical, but I often giggle at maternity photos because they are supposed to be a depiction of your pregnancy, and I would just like to state, I have never stood holding my giant stomach on a beach staring lovingly by the ocean.  Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is a beautiful thing but for me, I like my pictures to tell the story of what really happened.  So I thought about it:  What are some ideas that really convey the “pregnancy experience.” Continue reading


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