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The Art of Story Telling: The J Dilla Box Set

12 Dec


I’m clearly not in the mood to do any work today so I am going to do what I do best: write.

These last few months have been nothing short of a dream. I remember back when I was dealing with “The Friend” and the other band of losers that paraded through my life in 2010, I never thought I could do any better.  I distinctly remember the despair of feeling like I would never know what it was like to be loved by a man, for real for real.  The longer J and I have been together the better it gets.  I know I have sung his praises before, but this man gets me y’all.  This was evident in an incident that will forever be known as “The Dilla Box Set Day” (ooooh so original!).  Anyone who knows me, knows I love my beatmakers and producers, especially J Dilla.  When I saw the Dilla Boxed set (which I have been waiting for since that Snap Judgement episode) I simply shared it on my FB newsfeed and my mom expressed interest in purchasing it for me as a gift.  A few days later while J and were sitting around he asked if my mom checks her FB messages.  I didn’t think of it, and I put the conversation out of my head.  Fast forward after Thanksgiving, there are two boxes on the porch which is not a big deal because if Amazon Prime was a religion we would be the pastor and first lady of the Church of Amazon.  I recognized the first box came from Amazon, but the second I didn’t recognize.  I looked at the address and noticed it said it was from “J Dilla, King of Beats” and the package came from Detroit.  This is how oblivious I can be: I didn’t care about what could have possibly been in the box, all I wanted was the shipping label because it had Dilla’s name on it.  I texted J and told him he had a package and where it came from.  Even though he too, is a Dilla fan I could feel in my spirit whatever was in that box was for me.  I circled the box like a shark in the water until J got home.  I tried to carry on a conversation but it was KILLING me, because I needed to know what was in that box!  So after small talk, J announces that yes, the box is indeed for me.  In about 3 seconds I mentally went through all of the possibilities as to what it could be.  The “DC Loves Dilla” shirt I wanted so bad? Maybe a Dilla coffee mug (I love coffee mugs)?  You know what wasn’t on my list of possibilities? The boxed set.  As I cracked open the box, my heart nearly stopped when I caught the first glance of a box that was an exact replica of Dilla’s SP-1200.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I removed each vinyl and ran my hands over the certificate of authenticity.  That man knows me y’all.  My friend Cookie made my eyes sweat a little when she expressed her happiness over seeing her friends being loved.  I immediately thought about an interview Drake did years ago where he talked about his mom.  I remember him saying that “she’s never been loved properly” and I just knew that would be my story.  J may not be perfect, but when it comes to me he always goes above and beyond.  This morning he was up with the chickens to make sure I had the new MF Doom Wallabees and is going to start taking The Boy to daycare so he can get the extra sleep he needs.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember how fortunate I am to have a relationship that is easy and I am not in any type of distress and turmoil.

My friends and family probably think I have fallen off the map, I haven’t.  I have been studying for my PMP certification and it’s not the easiest thing.  I don’t have a lot of PM experience so I have to use a lot of resources beyond the online course.  The course is self paced and I have a year to complete it.   There are a lot of days I really don’t feel like being bothered, but I know this is necessary for the next step in my career.

That’s all I have for now, I got my WordPress app back on track so I will be posting a little more. Peace.


WCW: Jean Grae

2 Oct


I remember the first time I heard Jean Grae like it was yesterday.  It was in 2002 when I got my hands on Mr. Len’s Pity the Fool and I fell in love with her style immediately.  This was during a time when being a female rapper really meant no more than being a glorified booty model who had a good ghostwriter so Jean Greasy was a breath of fresh air for me.  Her IG is pure hilarity and she makes me want to throw a chair in glee when I hear the line: “She’s just not emotional/I’ll give you emotion/It’s you holding your broken nose.”  Love you Miss Grae!

Happy Birthday Speakerboxx/The Love Below

25 Sep

Yesterday Outkast’s last offering, the double disc “Speakerboxx/The Love Below” turned ten.  I remember being very tardy to the party and the first disc I actually heard was The Love Below.  I was recuperating from almost dying in a credit union parking lot (I promise I am going to tell this story) and I went to see my hairdresser, O and he said, “You have to listen to the new Dre 3000 CD!”  We rode up and down the boulevard and then he said there was one song I just HAD to hear.  It was “She’s Alive.”  When I tell you my inner thug was murked, it was murked.  I got a great deal of encouragement from Three Stacks mom’s parts in the song and I could identify with everything she was saying.

My other favorite track was “She Lives In My Lap.”  The scratches and the Geto Boys sample at the end?  Bananas.  Also, get into the cameo by Rosario Dawson.

Months later, after playing “The Love Below” every single day, I finally started listening to “Speakerboxx.”  My favorite track is GhettoMusik and the cameo by Patti Labelle in the video is awesome.

Miss Page on Kendrick Lamar

13 Aug


Applaud this man.  Hip hop is about wordplay, plain and simple.  The way an artist can get my attention is with two things: 1) The ability to put their words together and 2) The sound of hunger on the track.  Kendrick did both on this one.  What stood out to me is the intensity in his cadence and that just made me want to:

As far as the verse about murdering his competition please see my statement above.  The next line is about making sure their core fan base doesn’t even remember them, because he’s that man.  I am sure someone will try to take it literally and will pen a piece about violence in hip hop, but this isn’t what that was about.





And some where……Aubrey is crying……I know he will be on my prayer list tonight.





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