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Moving: Part One

28 Aug



I have FINALLY finished my move and I am sitting here at work exhausted, but I feel accomplished because there were a few points in the process I just wanted to throw my hand ups and say “Eff it.”  This move has shined some light on some of my bad habits and the first of those is procrastination.  As I spent half the night finishing up packing and moving things into my car (Honda Civics are surprisingly roomy) I kept kicking myself for not doing most of this sooner.  I knew for over a month now that this day was coming and I will admit, most days when I got off work, I was a slug.  I just sat and procrastinated.  In the eleventh hour, I could be found hauling boxes and whatnot up and down FOUR flights of stairs and FINALLY purging things I really didn’t need.  I won’t be moving again any time soon, but I have got to get better about procrastinating.  Waiting until the last minute causes a lot of undue stress and money.


Pintrest is the gateway drug for a DIY addiction.  I started pinning, and then I ended up wanting to do everything I saw, which lead to me, down at Lowes in the appliance section (yeah it doesn’t make sense to me either).  I almost fainted when I saw what it cost to replace a refrigerator and my eyes crossed at carpet prices.  I am going to have to learn to shop around.  I have amazing friends who have given me tips on where to buy cheaper versions, but the best advice I heard all night was to, take my time.  I get overwhelmed because I am trying to do everything at once.  To break all my projects down into something manageable, I have created a list from small to large, then cheapest to expensive.  I don’t have to paint ALL the rooms in a day.  I can start with the bathroom, then move on to another room another month or so down the line.  As with my running, I have to remember to pace myself.


The Hitter

18 Apr


If you have read enough of my blog, you know by now I have two kids.  One girl, one boy and these two are like night and day right down to my pregnancies with each of them.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt HORRIBLE!!!!  All I could stomach was cold canned peaches and pepperoni pizza from Sbarro.  I was pregnant in every part of my body to the point I looked like a basketball with eyes all through my third trimester.  My labor with her was my reward for my pregnancy, it was quick and dirty, just like all labors should be.  Pitocin, broken water, baby.  So easy I don’t even remember the pain, though I am 100% sure I saw stars during one of my contractions.  I guess the easy labor was God’s way of making sure I had energy for the next step, because I did not sleep for longer than 30 minutes at a time for the next 3 months.  My daughter had this strange thing going where she had two modes: crying or sleeping.  I will let you guess which one she liked to do the most.  During those three months, she took four 45 minute naps a day, all which did not allow me to “sleep when baby is sleeping”, which I think is the biggest bullshit phrase I have ever heard.  When she wasn’t asleep, she was crying.  I guess it was her way to pass the time away, or ensure there were none after her.  The upside was for all the crying, when she hit the toddler years she was a DREAM.  Continue reading


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