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Four-Twelve, Stolen Coats, and We Like To Party

19 Dec

The holidays are here and I am FINALLY getting into the Christmas spirit!  While I was drunk with Christmas spirit a week or so ago, I made a status about wanting to throw a Christmas party and forgot all about it.  That was until J called me at work and asked what was up with the party on Saturday.  So on Saturday, J and I are throwing our first ever Christmas party.  Thoughtful man he his, the first question out of his mouth was, “Do you want me to call the house cleaning service?” Uh, does a bear shit in the woods? Continue reading


Quick Notes: Houses, Father’s Day, and Minding Your Own Business

17 Jun

This weekend was such a busy one that I am DRAGGING this morning.  I am preparing to send The Girl to my mom’s house for the summer and it has been a chore packing all weekend.


House Hunting

House buying is giving me my first gray hairs.  Wait, let me correct that statement….finding a house is going to give me my first gray hairs.  My goal is to stay in the PWC area, but I am having a hard time figuring out what part I want to live in.  I found some really nice houses, but they are in an area that people say isn’t so great, but I haven’t heard anything personally.  The hardest part about this is finding the right fit.  I have a top five list, but the ONLY problem with the number one is that the master bedroom is teeny.  The flip side of that is that they basement is finished with a full bathroom and fireplace, so there is the potential to make that my bedroom.  Who knows, but I need to go ahead and make moves because I want to do this before school starts again.




The relations between The Boy and The Girl are getting so much easier as they are getting older.  In the morning, my son looks for his sister before me when he wakes up. Can I express how long I have waited for the day I would not be his only friend in the world?  That is a lot of pressure, lol.  This weekend, since there wasn’t a father around per se for us to celebrate, the kids and I headed to our favorite place, Tyson’s Corner for a little shopping and lunch at Legal Seafood.  This was my first time ever going to Legal, and I had the spicy fish and chips with the Strawberry sangria.  My verdict, the sangria was dope, but the fish and chips were too spicy, so next time, no spice.  There were some AMAZING sales at Old Navy, and I stocked my closet with TONS of dresses.

Father’s Day

As I said last Father’s Day, I didn’t expect any shout outs as I am not a dad.  However, I noticed something yesterday that was kind of troubling to me.  People made it their business to let the world of single motherdom know that we were all Bitter Bettys with poor choices in men.  Listen, I think the only people that should comment on the single parent struggle are those who were raised by or are single parents themselves.  Though I didn’t want to be celebrated on Father’s day, that doesn’t mean that other single mothers don’t have the right to.  Yes, this is a man’s day, but are you really congratulating men who haven’t seen their kids in ages?  Men who owe a years salary in child support?  The same way people were encouraging men to “take their day back,” should use that same energy to encourage the men who don’t participate in their kids life to do so.  Or even better yet, mind your damn business.  Look how easy that was.


The Hitter

18 Apr


If you have read enough of my blog, you know by now I have two kids.  One girl, one boy and these two are like night and day right down to my pregnancies with each of them.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt HORRIBLE!!!!  All I could stomach was cold canned peaches and pepperoni pizza from Sbarro.  I was pregnant in every part of my body to the point I looked like a basketball with eyes all through my third trimester.  My labor with her was my reward for my pregnancy, it was quick and dirty, just like all labors should be.  Pitocin, broken water, baby.  So easy I don’t even remember the pain, though I am 100% sure I saw stars during one of my contractions.  I guess the easy labor was God’s way of making sure I had energy for the next step, because I did not sleep for longer than 30 minutes at a time for the next 3 months.  My daughter had this strange thing going where she had two modes: crying or sleeping.  I will let you guess which one she liked to do the most.  During those three months, she took four 45 minute naps a day, all which did not allow me to “sleep when baby is sleeping”, which I think is the biggest bullshit phrase I have ever heard.  When she wasn’t asleep, she was crying.  I guess it was her way to pass the time away, or ensure there were none after her.  The upside was for all the crying, when she hit the toddler years she was a DREAM.  Continue reading


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